One of Ireland's most well-known adventurers along with an internationally renowned Sherpa will be telling the tragic story behind the award-winning movie "The Summit" in Mullingar in the coming week. 

Pat Falvey and Pemba Glalje with be signing their book and giving an audio visual presentation on "The Summit" How Triumph turned to tragedy on K2's deadliest days.  11 climbers died in the death zone. The tragedy became a controversy and in the Summit film and book we deal with what happened over a period of three months on the mountain. Based on Pemba Gyslje's eye witness accounts and drawing on a series of interviews with the survivors and families which were conducted for the award winning film "The Summit" (Image Now Pat Falvey Production, 2012 and director by Nick Ryan) The Summit How Triumph turned to tragedy on K2's Deadliest days. is the most comprehensive interpretation of one of modern-day mountaineering's controversial disasters.   

Pemba is the reason this book has been published. It is very much his story.  As someone so centrally involved in the events on K2 in August 2008, Pemba is at the very centre of the narrative in this book.

On the Evening Pat and Pemba will give a free audio-visual presentation,  where you will learn more about what happened on the 2008 expedition to K2. 

They will also have a chance to ask Questions. 


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