Layer Up

As all hikers know, the best way to keep warm on a hike is to us layers rather than heavy clothes that seem warm at the beginning, but are cumbersome and over insulating when you go any distance. Layers of thinner gear allow you to remove or add as needed without leaving you exposed. Therefore we recommend the following for a comfortable and warm hike.

The Helly Hansen Baselayer Set

The North Face Fleece

The Jack Wolfskin Softshell

Helly Hansen Baselayer SetThe North Face Fleece Jack Wolfskin Softshell

Keeping you on your feet

It’s very important to keep your feet in good condition throughout your hike, as blisters or over heating can ruin a climb. We advise a combination of good socks and waterproof but breathable footwear.

Bridgedale SocksMeindl Boots

The Merino Wool and supported toes and heels in the Bridgedale socks allows your feet to breath while keeping a firm grip on your foot, thus reducing sweat build up and movement that causes blistering.

Meindl Boots with a Gore-Tex waterproofing layer are at the top level of hiking boots. With the most trusted waterproof layer and a boot that grips at every step of the way, you can ensure you get to your destination safely and comfortably. 


Keeping fed on the trail

Cooking meals or just making a brew couldn’t be easier these days with the compact stoves and easy to pack cutlery and gas. Combined with a good flask or food flask, there’s no excuse to go hungry on the trail. No longer will you have to be home in time for lunch, you can have lunch anywhere you want.

Gelert Mercury compact stoveThe Gelert Mercury compact camping stove is the perfect way to prepare food on the go, or warm up tea or soup. The best way to keep yourself going on a long hike is to keep fueled. For all our other camping gear click here.

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