Disaster in Nepal

Since opening in 2008, Outdoor Sports has hosted many memorable evenings in our premises when Mount Everest adventurers have entertained our customers with presentations of Mount Everest expeditions. As recently as December 2013, we played host to Irish adventurer Pat Falvey, and Nepal Native and Sherpa Pemba Gyalje, both of whom have led many expeditions to scale Mount Everest.
The death toll as a result of last Sunday's earthquake has exceeded 5000 with thousands more injured. People are without food, water or shelter. Many communities have lost their entire villages. A statement issued yesterday by the Nepalese Government stated blatantly that it cannot cope with the scale of the disaster. 
Because of our connection with Mount Everest and the Nepalese community, we at Outdoor Sports feel compelled to do what we can to come to the aid of the Nepalese people.  We are asking our customers and our broad Outdoor Sports community to support our campaign to raise money for Nepal
Outdoor Sports has set up a collection fund to raise money for the Nepalese people. We have a collection buckets in our shops in Mullingar and here is a link to the iDonate Page for the Earthquake Relief Fund set up by the Nepal Ireland Society.
100% of the money collected will go directly to aid the supply of food, accommodation, medical supplies.
Himalayan Stove Project: This project aims to reach the small villages who have been hit by this disaster instead of the capital which is getting the most of the support from NGO's. This fundraising project aims at getting 51 Family stoves fully equipped to families that need help now. See all the infomation and donate here.
Paul Devaney of the Irish Seven Summits Team surveying some of the post earthquake damage at Everest Base Camp.

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