Allen Shotwave Ear Bud

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Switch from 25dB NRR to 12dB NRR with the push of a button


Compact system that provides high NRR rating


Comfortable to wear for long periods, with or without, shooting muffs


Silicone canal inserts fit a large range of ear sizes


Ear-fit bands provide fit stability while moving


Includes a convenient neoprene pouch for multi-surface tethering


No batteries needed


Great For: Shooting, Car Races, Backyard Work, Commercial Environments, Concerts, Operating Power Tools and Many Other Activities


The SHOTWAVE™ Earbud allows you to protect your hearing AND listen to low-dB sounds in a small, comfortable silicone earbud system.   SHOTWAVE™ Earbuds are unique due to their analog (non-electronic) proprietary design that allows the user control of sound protection through an external push button system.  When you need maximum hearing protection-you push the selector button and an audible/ tactile click is heard/ felt.  When you need less protection (i.e. hear conversations)-you push the selector button again to switch settings.

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