Anschutz 1517 D HB Walnut Classic 23" .17HMR Rifle



Type: Hunting

  • Name: 1517 D HB Walnut Classic

    Item No.: 009955

    Total length (cm) 105.5

    Weight approx. (kg): 2.9


    Name: 5094 D

    Item No.: 003992

    Model number: 5094 D

    Type: Single stage trigger

    min. Trigger weight (g): 1000

    max. Trigger weight (g): 2000

    Trigger weight, adjusted (g): 1200

    Barreled Action

    Name: Match 64

    Barrel: ANSCHÜTZ Precision barrel (heavy)

    Caliber: .17 HMR

    Version: right

    Rifling length (mm): 228

    Number of grooves: 6

    Muzzle diameter (mm): 19

    Magazine capacity: 4

    Barrel length (cm): 58.4


    Name: Classic

    Grip: Grip standard size

    Material: Walnut

    Butt plate: Rubber butt plate

    min. Length of pull (cm): 36

    max. Length of pull (cm): 36