Anschutz 1781 D TH .308 Rifle

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Make: Anschutz

Model: 1781 D TH

Type: Bolt Action

Calibre: .308

Condition: New

Threaded: Yes

Stock: Timber

Additional Info: Ref: F1785. Heavy Barrel, Hard case included. Zeis conquest scope 3-12x44. Atec Hertz Mod included  

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Hunting repeater Series 1781

Over 160 years of experience with precision and reliability is combined with the most modern firearms technology to create the total performance package delivered by our hunting rifles. A practical hunting tool which you can totally rely upon in the most challenging of situations. To do this, our hunting rifles must go through the same stringent tests as our hard working biathlon competition rifles. Starting with controlled environment shooting tests in the cold room with temperatures down to -30° C, over 50.000 firing and loading cycles of testing easily exceed global hunting practical situations under the most varied of climatic conditions. For maximum precision, the barreled action on the Model 1781 is embedded in a massive aluminum action carrier with additional abutment. 


Barreled Action

This rust-protected bolt action with cam cocking is used in our centerfire rifles. The exceptionally smooth action permits rapid and reliable functioning, a well-known trait in all ANSCHÜTZ match and sporting rifles. The one-piece firing pin has a defined end-stop area to prevent damage from dry firing. Lock up between the barrel and bolt is accomplished by a two-row, six-lug bolt (2x3) directly to the barrel, creating a locking surface of more than 70 mm2, allowing a quick, short 60° bolt throw. The matt black anodized receiver is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, incorporating the ANSCHÜTZ Wave Style pattern and is drilled and tapped for mounting telescopic sights. The cocking mechanism features gas vent holes, which in the event of cart-ridge failure, directs the gas safely to the side. For maximum precision, the barreled action on the Model 1781 is embedded in a massive aluminum action carrier with additional abutment. This sturdy stock-to-action connection ensures the highest level of repeat-ability during barrel replacement.

Technical Data

Bolt throw : 60

Locking: Two row six locking lug (2x3)

Locking surface: Over 70 mm2

Finsih: mat black anodized



ANSCHÜTZ Match Two-Stage Triggers and Single-Stage Triggers have always set the standard in quality, reliability and precision. The crisp 5781 Trigger (single-stage trigger) which breaks like glass, can also be set to two-stage as an option. The trigger blade can be adjusted in length by 0.59" to accommodate varying hand sizes or when wearing gloves. This trigger will win over even the most ardent fans of double set triggers. The lightweight, hardened and finely lapped trigger components allow the trigger to be released unbelievably quickly and cleanly. All metallic parts are protected from rust by a special ANSCHÜTZ nitriding process which also increases the surface hardness and noticeably improves the sliding processes while reducing wear. 

Firing pin safety:

The sliding safety catch on the right hand side secures the firing pin by turning the safety shaft and blocking the trigger sear. The trigger is then free to move. The integrated bolt lock reliably prevents unintentional opening of the bolt when the rifle is being transported. The ergonomic safety catch can be easily and silently operated in any situation. 


Technical Data

Type: Single stage trigger 5781 D

Version: right

Adjustment of the trigger shoe (mm): 13

Color of the trigger shoe: Gold

Safety: Firing pin safety

Trigger weight, adjusted (g): 1200

Adjustment of the trigger weight (mm): 800 - 1400

Optional adjustable to two-stage: yes

Optional adjustable to single-stage: yes

Adjustment of the trigger weight (mm): 1000 - 1400



Our big bore barrels are rust protected with a special ANSCHÜTZ process, which also increase the surface hardness, while reducing wear. The barrels are manufactured according to the same ANSCHÜTZ special process, used for the manufacture of the world-famous ANSCHÜTZ target barrels. The same also applies to the manufacturing process of the chamber and treceesed muzzle.


Technical Data

Finish: blued

Caliber: .30-06

Length of twist (mm): 254

Number of grooves: 4

Rifling (mm): 479

Muzzle diameter (mm): 17

Barrel length (mm): 561



Oiled walnut thumbhole stock with roll-over cheek piece, German handmade fish-scale on the pistol grip and forend with borders, black rubber butt plate and sling swivel studs. The modern, ergonomic ANSCHÜTZ thumbhole stock is easy to handle and provides improved shooting results because your finger and the ball of your hand are always in the optimum position on the pistol grip. The controued lines of the pistol grip and wrist of the stock keeps your trigger finger in the same position on the trigger blade. In addition, the thumbhole stock provides a rest for your middle finger, which combined with the anatomically-perfect pistol grip provides a stress-free, relaxed shooting position. The ANSCHÜTZ thumbhole stock allows your thumb to remain fully relaxed. The ergonomically designed straight comb with roll-over cheek piece ensures perfect head and eye positioning in every situation and type of position; a key element which is important for precision shooting.

Technical Data

Length of stock (mm): 815

Stock type: Thumbhole stock

Butt plate: Rubber butt plate

Material: Walnut

Stock color: natural

Stock finish: oiled

Length of pull (mm): 350 - 365

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