Bic Beach SUP 11' Pack


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Type: Watersports

  • 11’0″ BEACH SUP Pack


    The 11’0 BEACH SUP is a fun and versatile watersports platform for the whole family. It can be used as a SUP board, paddled as a kayak while sitting down or simply used as a fun platform for the kids to play on and swim from during the summer holidays.

    The shape has been designed to offer the best compromise between stability & glide and a center deck pad offers maximum comfort, whatever the use of the board. Front deck rigging ensures that you can transport whatever you might need on the water, a central water bottle holder ensures that you stay hydrated and a central carry handle ensures that the board can be transported and stored easily.

    Made in our durable and proven TOUGH-TEC construction, the board is designed to last a lifetime, reducing the need for product renewal, not creating waste and save the ongoing consumption of resources. This durability also means that the board is very good for rental operations.

    The BEACH 11’0 is the ideal watersports toy for the Beach, Lake or River.