Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Max


  • Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Max

    The brown 8MP Trophy Cam HD Max Trail Camera with No-Glow Black LEDs from Bushnell is an updated version of their previously existing Trophy Cam HD Max trail/wildlife camera. It's equipped with a 5MP CMOS image sensor and a Hyper PIR motion sensor with an effective range of 60' and a 0.2-sec trigger speed. Image resolution can be bumped up to 8MP by interpolation. This camera is also the first Bushnell Trophy Cam to record video in full HD 1920 x 1080p resolution, improving upon the 720p capability of the previous models. The PIR can be set to adjustable sensitivity, with selectable low, medium and high levels, or Auto mode, which automatically regulates sensitivity based on temperature. The camera's lens provides an angle of view of approximately 45°.

    The No-Glow Black 33-LED flash offers a 60' range and is completely invisible to game and other people, making it significantly more discreet than the Low-Glow LED flash on the previous HD Max camera. This updated model also includes a removable anti-reflection cover for the LEDs, making them virtually impossible to detect. Field Scan 2x Time-Lapse mode captures images at pre-set intervals from 1.0 min to 1.0 hr, within the hours of your choice. Two available time slots allow you to monitor dusk and dawn movement. Additionally, every image taken with the Trophy Cam HD Max is automatically stamped with day/date, time, temperature, barometric pressure and phase of the moon at time of capture, and with the GPS geotagging capability, you can automatically embed GPS coordinates on your images.


    The camera is equipped with a black-and-white text LCD monitor, so viewing and playback will have to be done on a computer. Like the earlier Trophy Cam HD Max, this one is rugged and weatherproof, but it features a redesigned body that offers a rougher and edgier look, a more secure grip for your hands, and an improved latch system. Power is derived from 4-12 AA batteries, which are available separately, or from an optional external power supply. The SD slot accepts SD/SDHC memory cards up to 32GB for recording photos and video. The camera is delivered in clamshell packaging.




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