Campingaz Instagreen 1 Litre



    Campingaz Instagreen® Special 1 L maintains perfect cleanliness and pleasant odours. Powerful, biodegradable cleaner for use in the fresh water tank or directly in the bowl. Concentrated formula to clean and deodorise the toilet. It also prevents the build-up of dirt marks and hard water deposits in the bowl.


    • Weight: 1.08 kg. 

    • Capacity: 1 litre.

    • Concentrated formula. 

    • Appearance: Green liquid. 

    • Density: 1 g/ml. 

    • Contents: Non ionic tensides, cationic tensides, organic acids, colouring agents and odorous substances. 

    • Environmental aspects: Meets legislatory requirements for washing and cleaning agents. 

    • Measurement scale. 

    • Child lock system.