Eley Olympic Blues 12g Trap Shells



+ Delivery: €8 to Ireland or €15 to the UK. T&C's Apply.

Option one

Type: Hunting

  • Originally marketed in the 1970’s, the redeveloped Eley Blue maintains their heritage as a fast, low recoil club cartridge. The use of the finest quality components from MAXAM, coupled with its fast burning PSB propellants, allows the Blues to achieve excellent breaks and patterns at distance without the excessive recoil associated with similar products in the market today. The distinctive blue case is coded to identify different shot sizes and is available in plastic wad for 24gr and plastic wad for the 28gr option.

    Available in 25 shell boxes and 10 box slabs.


    We can only deliver 2- slabs (500 shells) at a time due to weight restrictions. 

    Deliver is free on first 500 and charged at €8 for each 500 after that.

    If you require 4-slabs (1,000 shells) please call the store to arrange.