Cybergun Firepower Tactical Multi-Shot Shotgun



Type: Hunting

  • Firepower Tactical Multi-Shot Shotgun.

    The Firepower Multi-Shot Shotgun is a cut above the rest, and at a fraction of the price. It is modelled after the infamous Tokyo Marui M3 Shotgun, and costs less than a third of the price. They look great, feel great, and shoot brilliantly.

    Each shot of the Firepower Multi-Shot Shotguns fires 3 BBs at a time. This feature is found on quite a few shotguns, however the Firepower MS Shotgun uses a tri-barrelled firing system to keep accuracy, consistency and power up. Clocking in at 0.85J, this gun shoots hard, and hits hard.

    Constructed out of plastic, it is extremely sturdy, yet also lightweight which makes it perfect for those CQC (Close Quarter Combat) situations.

    Each rifle comes with two shells, and a speed loader. The shells hold 30 BBs, and each shot fires 3 BBs at a time.

    This truly is a shotgun worth owning!

    Technical Specification:

    Type : Spring – Manual Cocking

    Body Construction: Plastic

    Magazine capacity: 30 BB per shell, Includes 2 shells

    Weight : 1.69 Kg

    Length : 89.5 cm 

    Hop Up: Adjustable Spin-Up accuracy system

    Power : up to 0.85 JOULE