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The Winter Sports first aid kit is designed more for families or groups. This kit is perfect for keeping back at base, with its contents including a wide range of medical essentials for treating blisters and most minor injuries as well as medication ideal for dealing with those all too familiar aches and pains whilst on a winter adventure.

Product Features


1 x Primary Care Leaflet

1 x Lifesystems Thermal Blanket

1 x Sun Cream combi-stick

1 x Twin pack hand warmers

1x Sterile medium wound dressing 

2 x Sterile low-adherent dressing (5cm x 5cm)

1 x Sterile low-adherent dressing (10cm x 10cm)

5 x Sterile non-woven swabs (gauze) (5cm x 5cm)

1 x Assorted pack plasters (contains 10)

3 x Wound closure strips

5 x Sterile blister plaster

1 x Cotton triangular bandage (90cm x 90cm x 1.27m)

1 x Elasticated cohesive bandage (5cm x 4.5m)

1 x Zinc oxide tape with spool (2.5cm x 2m)

6 x Safety pins

2 x Medical grade vinyl gloves (Size large) 

7 x Alcohol free cleansing wipes

Red scissors (11cm x 5.3cm; Blade 5.5cm) 

Reusable spot check thermometer

Paracetamol 500mg - Pack of 16 (UK Only)

Ibuprofen 200mc coated tablets - Pack of 16 (UK Only)

Lifesystems LocTop Waterproof bag 10.2cm x 18cm

Weight: 460g

Dimensions: 180mm x 130mm x 85mm

Items: 40 

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