Light My Fire Swedish Fire Steel 2.0

Light My Fire


Type: Camp

  • Light My Fire Swedish Fire Steel 2.0

    The Light My Fire Swedish Firesteel 2.0 improves upon the original model with the addition of a signal whistle in the striker handle and improved ergonomics overall. Like the original Scout firesteel, the Scout 2.0 is an ultralight, ultra-reliable firestarter that works when wet, at any altitude and is rated for 3000 uses. The Scout 2.0 produces a shower of hot 5,500° sparks that will quickly ignite your tinder, stove or lantern.


    All Swedish Firesteels have a clear protective coating on the metal to prevent corrosion. Simply use the striker to scrape off this coating before first use.


    Developed for the Swedish military

    Built-in signal whistle

    Works when wet

    Works at any altitude


    Includes lanyard and striker

    Ergonomic design

    Ultra reliable fire, stove or lantern starter

    Weighs only 1 oz