Petzl Vasak Lever LockFil Crampons



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Type: Footwear

  • Petzl Vasak Lever LockFil Crampons

    For general purpose mountaineering, VASAK crampons are ideal. Twelve points ensure maximum traction in all conditions, whether you are climbing up steep slopes or ice couloirs. Available in all four lightweight binding systems for solid boot interface.


    • The length of the points is designed for maximum stability without having to high-step
    • Sharp points for great purchase in ice
    • Two wide front points for purchase in snow, reinforced for rigidity
    • Second row of teeth angled towards the front for support when front-pointing
    • Third row of points to optimize bite on hard snow slopes
    • Four teeth for stability while descending face downhill
    • Lateral points for purchase while traversing
    • Linking bar can be set for flexible or semi-rigid modes to adapt the crampon to flexible or rigid boots


    Number of points : 12
    Boot sizes : sizes 36 to 46 with M linking bar (included), optional L linking bar fits boots sizes 41 to 50 (T20850)
    Certification(s) : CE EN 893, UIAA