RTM Tango Single Kayak


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The TANGO becomes TANGO EVO, with a redesigned deck, two integrated side handles with a folding polyethylene backrest.
New polyethylene files are mobile: Once lowered, the kayaks can be stacked. The folders are automatically lowered by dragging the kayak from the back to the front.
Featuring a flat-bottomed, bowed hull, the Tango  is designed for navigation in rivers, lakes and calm seas. It has a large loading capacity and is equipped with a large storage compartment. It is really adapted to large sizes.
This kayak is accessible to all, from beginners to experienced paddlers.
The Tango combines speed, stability and safety, it is a real hiker.

European patent for the backrest : 3208184

This product is designed exclusively to be propelled by human power (paddle and/or impulse drive)

Length : 351 cm
Width : 78 cm
Depth :34 cm
Weigth : 26 kg
Capacity : 1 person
Charge max :140 kg

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