Sellier & Bellot .223 REM 55gr Soft Point

Sellier & Bellot


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Type: Hunting

  • A semi-jacketed bullet consisting of a metallic jacket and a lead core. The lead core is bare in front. When hitting the target, it gets deformed and produces a mushroom-like shape, which enhances the lethal effect. It is used for most types of rifle cartridges and, depending on caliber weight, it is used for clawed game hunting in particular.

    Caliber         223 Remington

    Quantity         20 Round

    Grain Weight 55 Grains

    Muzzle Velocity 3301 Feet Per Second

    Muzzle Energy 1344 Foot Pounds

    Bullet Style Jacketed Soft Point

    Lead Free         No

    Case Type         Brass

    Primer         Boxer

    Corrosive         No