Vango Throne 12L Camping Toilet

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The Vango Throne 12L is ideal for camping if you want to avoid mid-night trips to the campsite toilets. A high-density construction and ergonomic seat make it strong and durable, holding a maximum of 200kgs, yet comfortable to use. The piston pump, which allows for 3 directions of flush, improves the efficiency of the flush as well as the cleanliness of the toilet. A detachable waste tank makes for easy cleaning. To empty the tank without splashing, press and hold the air pressure release button with your thumb while the pour out spout is pointing downwards, always use the air release button when emptying the waste tank. A storage bag is also included, increasing ease of transportation.


Storage bag for easy transportation

Hi Density Polyethylene - Superior in strength and highly durable. Environmentally friendly

A one piece construction water tank with no seams to eliminate leaks

A seamless waste tank to eliminate leaks

The Piston Pump provides 3 directions of flush which increases the efficiency of the flush and improves toilet cleanliness

A real toilet seat that provides home from home comfort

Double sealed to protect against leaks

To empty the tank without splashing, press and hold the vent button with your thumb whilst the pour out spot is pointing down

Easy open and close latches for separating and connecting the waste tank and water tank

The built-in carry handle allows for easy transportation when the toilet is in use and out of its storage bag

Allows for easy cleaning and disposing of waste

Maximum loading Weight: 200kg / 31 stone


Weight 4.5kg

Packsize L42.0 x H31.5 x W37.0cm

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