Winner Velocity 1 Kayak


Type: Watersports

  • Winner Velocity 1 Sit On Top Kayak

    The old Velocity I huh? The design of this sit on top kayak was so spot on from day one, that it is still the best selling kayak in the fleet, nine years since its debut on the waters. This is the Robert Redford in our family. Charming and good looking after all these years and can still turn on the pace when the need arises. And why it this? The fact that this classic design has been copied by most is because it is so versatile, surf, white water, tours, beginners, you name it. Accessories can turn it from a comfortable day tourer to a beach babe in thirty seconds and it’s so robust that it will only improve with age.


    Standard Equipment:

    • Back rest
    • Paddle
    • Waterproof hatch with twist lock hatch cover
    • Carry Handles
    • Elastic Cords
    • Drain Plugs