Yellowstone Self Inflating Pillow


Type: Camp

  • Yellowstone Self Inflating Pillow

    Whether you're looking for comfort on a camping trip or when travelling, this handy self inflating pillow from Yellowstone is just what you need! 

    The pillow is constructed from durable 150D polyester and inflates to a generous 42 x 22 x 15cm in size, with minimal effort on your part. Simply unscrew the air valve and it will inflate on it's own, and you can top it up with extra air if you want it a little firmer. 

    When not in use the pillow can be deflated easily, rolled up and secured with the supplied elastic ties, ready to store in it's compact storage pouch. The pillow measures 22 x 11cm in size when packed inside it's storage pouch and weighs only 280g.