Yukon Photon 6x50S Night Vision Riflescope

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Own the Night with the Yukon Photon RT 6x50S Digital Night Vision Riflescope. The power digital night vision sensor allows users to stay accurate day or night. Never lose sight of your target with this easily operated, lightweight scope.


The riflescope is equipped with an electronic reticle featuring a number of shape and colour options. 

It can be mounted using regular 30mm scope rings. The riflescope has a built in LED IR Illuminator with a wavelength of 850nm (visible range) used for operation in total darkness. 


Photon RT digital riflescopes are designed for hunting, sports shooting, security, general observation.



High nighttime sensitivity

High magnification 6 / 12х

Integrated video recorder

IPX5 Degree of protection

Quick-change power supply

Daytime operation possibility

Software Evolution Support

Integrated invisible IR illuminator 

Recording and live YouTube streaming

Integration with iOS and Android devices

User selectable reticles: 6 shapes, 4 colours

Remote review and operation using smartphone

Mounting on weapon with standard 30 mm rings

Shock resistant for heavy calibers: 12 gauge, 9.3x64, .375H&H


Pаckage contents:

1. Riflescope Photon RT

2. Carrying case

3. User Manuak

4. USB cable

5. Spare battery container

6. Battery container pouch

7. Lens cloth

8. Warranty card

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