Zeiss Conquest V4 6-24x50 Riflescope


Type: Hunting

  • Conquest V4 6-24x50

    High-quality optics for rugged hunting use

    Uncompromising quality and ruggedness – the Conquest V4 line of high-performance riflescopes combines the tried-and-true ZEISS optics concept with a rugged and functional design. Equipped with 4x zoom and functional and fully reliable mechanics, these scopes set a new standard in their class.

    24x magnification and parallax compensation make this scope a specialist for precision shots from long distances.


    Functional Mechanical Parts

    Unparalleled reliability

    The scope's mechanical parts prove their worth in every situation that demands a quick reaction from the hunter.


    Ballistic Turret

    With its wide reticle adjustment range, the hunter has the flexibility needed for a variety of different hunting methods.



    Ballistic Reticle

    The reticle can be individually adjusted to target distances and the hunter's needs.


    Reticle ZMOA 1


    The MOA-based ballistic reticles from ZEISS are available for all riflescope models, either with 1 MOA distance between the hold lines (ZMOA 1) or with a distance of 2 MOA between the hold lines (ZMOA 2). These reticles can therefore be used to correct the bullet drop and the wind drift, as well as to estimate the range provided the defined magnifications have been set. This makes it ideal for long-rate shots at changing distances.