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Everyone knows the importance of having the right gear for the right situation. At this time of year, ski holidays are in full swing and for many first timers it can be an expensive week away. Here at Outdoor Sports we have a treat to help you out in building your kit for the next few years, 15% OFF all ski gear online. Just use the discount code JAN2016SALE at the checkout.

Most people build up their kit over years of trips away. So we have the essentials ready for you. The kit you can't rent and some of the smaller pieces that you'd like to have yourself. 


The best way to keep warm in any situation is to layer up. Our base layers from Helly Hansen are a great way of keeping warm, dry and fresh. The wicking material will pull the sweat away from your skin to keep you warm and dry and with the anti-bacterial Lifa material, no smells after days of wearing.

womens base layermens Base layer



ski socksThe most important part of picking your socks is to make sure you're not pulling them up constantly during your downhill run. You need them to stay up and above the boot to reduce sores on your shins. Our Trespass ski socks are the perfect choice. 

Micro Fleece

Thin, warm, lightweight, comfortable. From brands like The North Face, Jack Wolfskin, Columbia, Helly Hansen and more, we have the perfect array of fleeces to add a thermal layer to your kit. They keep you warm but mobile, never restrictive and can be warn outside or indoors after your ski.


Waterproof, warm, and with everything you need like easy open straps, goggles scraper and ski pass pocket. We have gloves if you prefer dexterity or mittens if you prefer warmth above all else. Check out our full range here.

mens ski gloveswomens ski gloves


Here is where you have lots of choice. You can go insulated, light, bulky or waterproof. It all depends on the type of snow you're in. If it's soggy snow, a waterproof shell will work. If it's icy snow you may need an insulated jacket. If you're only doing a light bit of skiing you won't generate a lot of heat and need an insulated jacket, whereas if you're going to be zipping up and down the slopes an ultralight jacket from The North Face or Helly Hansen will do. Call in and we'll fit you out.


ski gogglesA good fit is essential. If it's too big you will have fogging problems or moisture getting in to reduce visibility. Keeping them dry is important. Sunglasses can work but goggles are preferable for most people. 

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