So now that Winter is upon us and the temperature is dropping it's time to start wrapping up no matter what type of activity you may get up to, be it standing out watching a match or heading out into the Mountain, we have something to suit everyone. So Here's our guide to Layering up this winter starting from the ground up.


Socks:- Socks are a vital bit of gear to be truly comfortable on these cold days and yet they are often overlooked. Our range of socks extends from lightweight running socks like the 1000 Mile Anklet and the Bridgedale Multisport to Midweight Merino wool blend socks. These Midweight socks are warmer and have added padding/ support for your foot, check them out here. The warmest sock in our range is the Bridgedale Summit sock which provide uncompromising warmth and comfort, even on the longest of Winter treks.


Base Layer:- Having a good quality base layer is a simple way to improve your overall comfort on your next Adventure. Base layers are designed to be worn next to skin which traps a thin layer of air whilst helping to move moisture away from the body. Ideally you don't want to use cotton as a base layer as it soaks up the moisture, staying wet and sapping your body heat. Instead you should use a synthetic base layer like the Trespass Unite 360 or the Columbia Midweight Baselayer with their patented Omni-Heat technology.


Mid Layers:- Your Mid layer is where the real warmth comes from with a couple of different options you can choose which we're going to highlight now.

Fleece - Fleeces are a great starter Midlayer as they come in a variety of styles and weights. We start with a 100 weight fleece which are lightweight yet warm and comfortable, they come in a few different styles too, such as a Gilet, a 1/4 Zip or a Full Zip option.
After this we move into our 200 weight fleece range, these being slightly warmer and with even more comfort. Some designs of these fleeces have a tighter knit outer layer which makes them more hardwearing and more snag resistant. Check them out here.                                                          

Insulated Jackets - Insulated jackets offer the ultimate in warmth on those long cold winter days. They come in 2 different filling types, a Down filling or a Synthetic filling. Down filled jackets offer the best warmth to weight ratio while being very light and packable. The only downside to this type of filling is that if it gets wet it is slow to dry and is cold when wet. Have a look at some of our down jackets here and here.
Our synthetic filled jackets are lightweight, durable, easy to care for and the main advantages are that if it gets wet it stays warm and dries quickly. Check out a couple of our favourite ones here and here


Outer Layer:- Your outer layer is the layer that's going to protect you the best from the elements given that they are both windproof and waterproof. Here at Outdoor Sports we have a few different options available to suit all of your needs.

Hard shell - Usually a lightweight and easily packable jacket. These jackets are 100% water & wind proof while still being breathable and allowing moisture to wick out completely. While trying on these jackets we advise that you wear a couple of layers underneath to get the best fit for you. Check out some of our range here.                                                                  

Fixed Insulation - These jackets share some similarities with a hardshell jacket being that they are wind and waterproof also, but they have the added luxury of being padded too which gives you additional warmth. The added insulation means that they are slightly less packable but given the added warmth we thinks it's an acceptable compromise, have a look for yourself. Mens Womens

3 in 1 Jackets - Here we have our 3 in 1 jackets which incorporate both a hardshell and a heavyweight fleece or an insulated jacket. These jackets offer great versatility given that it can be worn 3 different ways. The inner fleece can be worn on it's own when it's cold but dry, the outer shell can be worn when it's warm but wet or they can be worn all together for maximum warmth and protection. Here are a couple of our favourite 3 in 1 jackets, both mens & womens.  


Headwear:- Protecting your head from the elements is just as important as the rest of your body. Luckily we have many options to choose from when it comes to covering up. Whether you're a runner looking for ear warmers, a hiker looking for the warmest hat to do you with the winter treks, someone who wants the versatility of a buff, or simply someone who wants a fashionable hat to wear out and about. Whatever your preference we have you covered.


Gloves:- We can't forget to protect our extremities when on the go, so here we have our range of gloves. Whether you're looking for something light, a waterproof glove or a glove that you can wear out on the Ski slopes we have them all here.                                                                                 


Whatever your needs this winter we've got something for everyone to keep the elements at bay. So either come visit us in store where our experienced staff are on hand to help or visit us online at to view our complete range.

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