Continental Gas Regulator


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  • Continental Gas Regulator

    Continental Butane Screw On type gas regulator. Suitable for use with Calor Gas 4.5Kg butane bottles or other compatible butane brands. Please note this is NOT compatible with 7Kg or 15Kg Calor Gas bottles or any propane bottles.


    Technical Information:-


    - Inlet Connection:-    W 21.8 x 1/14" L/H (G8)


    - Outlet Connection:-    Hose 10 mm id (inner diamter) (H50)


    - Inlet Pressure Max:-   7.5 bar


    - Outlet Pressure:-   29 (28-30) mbar


    - Capacity:-   1.3kg/h


    - Temperature Limitations:-    0 Degrees C   to   +50 Degrees C 


    - Colour:-    Blue


    - Model No:-    694