Dagger Axis E Sit In Kayak

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Unprecedented versatility.

A must have for any adventurous paddler. The sleek hull combines rocker and rail edge giving excellent manoeuvrability, with keel and skeg to aid tracking. The accessible cockpit, outfitted for comfort and control includes storage features making the Axis a boat with limitless possibilities.

• Contour Lite Outfitting
• Contour LT Seat with Leg Lifter
• Precision Adjustable Thigh Braces
• Slidelock Footbrace
• Contour Lite Backrest
• Contour Lite Seat Pad
• Stern Hatch
• Mesh Deck Cover with Bungee
• Bungee Deck Rigging
• Soft Touch Handles
• Paddle Park

Sizing and Specs.

Length: 10ft 5"

Width: 2ft 4"

Weight: 23kg

Max Load weight: 125kg

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