Deerhunter Muflon Light Trousers

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Waist: 38
Colour: Green
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Muflon Light are water resistant Deerhunter trousers with stretch and membrane


Muflon Light hunting trousers are especially suitable for hunting in spring and autumn where focus is on keeping rain and wind outside while the body has high breathability. In the Muflon Light series there are 4-way stretch and Deer-Tex® Performance Shell membrane. In addition, soft contrast fabric is used on the inside of the leg to minimize noise.


The kit consists of a hunting jacket, hunting trousers and hunting gloves, available in Art-Green and Edge Camouflage.


Adjustable waist w. elastic

To front pockets

1 back pocket w zipper

1 leg pocket w. rounded wide opening for easy access and extra zip pocket

Pre-shaped knee

Soft material on the inside of leges to reduce noise

Temperature down to -10°C



If you require extra freedom of movement and a good fit, choose one of Deerhunter’s products with stretch. Using materials with two-way stretch makes the hunting apparel stretchable, which enhances your freedom of movement.


Deer-Tex® Membrane - Five-year-warranty

Five-year warranty on manufacturing defects in the Deer-Tex® Membrane. In the event of claims: Return the product together with this product information label/hangtag and the receipt to your dealer.

NB: The Deer-Tex® Membrane warranty only covers manufacturing defects.


Deer-Tex® Performance Shell Membrane

The Deer-Tex® Performance shell is a membrane laminated to the shell fabric. It is 100% wind- and waterproof and it is breathable.

This membrane is 4-way stretchable and it gives a great feeling and flexibility. Just like the original Deer-Tex® membrane it can be washed or dry-cleaned.

The membrane can be washed at 30 degrees without softner.



When choosing hunting apparel, and you need maximum flexibility, freedom of movement and a good fit, you should choose Deerhunter’s products with four-way stretch. Hunting apparel with four-way stretch is elastic both lengthways and widthways, enabling you to move around freely without feeling constricted by your clothing.


Water Repellent

Products impregnated with water repellent treatment are water- and dirt-resistant. Stains are easy to remove. Extremely heat-resistant and has a very smooth surface.

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