Docter Classic 3-12x56 IR Riflescope

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Reticle: 4LK
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DOCTERclassic 3-12x56 is the variable night scope.

An amply dimensioned exit pupil diameter guarantees best vision even during adverse lighting conditions.

Due to the 56 mm lens diameter, an optimum use of the light is guaranteed even at larger magnifications.

With the illuminated twilight reticle, DOCTER offers an additional element for reliable andaccurate shooting: a reticle illumination that is adapted to the eye's brightness sensation at night.This illumination technology guarantees a perfect perceptibility of the hit point position on thetarget even under difficult lighting conditions.

Technical Data

Magnification: 3 – 12x

Ø Exit pupil (mm): 15.0 – 4.7

Field of view (m/100 m): 9.0 – 3.5

Twilight performance: 8.5 – 25.9

Adjustment per click (cm/100 m): 1.0

Max. adjustment range (cm/100 m): 100

Ø Central tube (mm): 30

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