Hoppes No 9 Bore Snake - Rifle

Size: .308-.30
Sale price€20.00


A handy little Pull through that cleans your barrel quite efficiently with one pull. Great for hunters in the field, shooters at the range or soldiers on patrol.

The BoreSnake package was renewed in 2020. Hoppe’s BoreSnake® Den™ is a compact carrying case with a built-in handle for easy storage.

How to use BoreSnake?

Simply drop the weighted end down the barrel from the chamber end and pull the whole thing through. The bronze brush removes dirt, and the fabric rubs off residue.
Why from the chamber towards the muzzle? Because doing it the opposite way could gradually wear down the muzzle area, thus impairing accuracy. The chamber has a leade before the rifled part, so it's not an issue at that end.

While you may be hesitant to assemble a rod and mess around with cleaning brushes and patches, this handy little thing can be used "as is" without field-stripping the firearm. For really deep cleaning, there are solvents and more special tools, but for daily cleaning in the field, the BoreSnake is hard to beat.

Reusable over and over again. We recommend washing the "Snake" now and then. 

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