ICOtec GC500 Gen 2 Programmable Fox Caller



Type: Hunting

  • New Features of the ICOtec GEN2 GC500
    New Shape – Elevated speaker means sound travels farther and better
    Tripod Mount on base of main unit to get the caller out of the grass if you want to
    Crisper Sound Quality
    Lanyard Fixing points on main unit – for ease of carry
    New Remote – bigger text – easier to see!
    Better back light control – stays on for longer
    Comes preloaded with 200 calls
    Time display on remote – know how long you’ve been calling
    Improved aerial on main unit
    Pause function on remote
    Twin Favourite Lists
    As well as those, the GEN2 GC500 still has all the features of its predecessor!
    The GEN2 GC500 is preloaded with 200 high quality, field proven animal audio calls.
    You can load up to a maximum of 200 calls from your library, no time limit on calls. For the hand call enthusiasts, record your best hand call sequence, upload and take advantage of the 300 yard remote control range to stay concealed.
    The GEN2 GC500 remote is designed to make finding the perfect call very easy – with it’s clear backlit LCD screen – and two favourites list to make quick selection simple.
    The GEN2 GC500 also includes an external speaker port in the event you desire additional volume and an AUX port to control an external AD400 or PD200 decoy.
    Remote Range: 300+ Yards
    Calls Included: 200
    Speaker Rating: 15 Watts (LOUD & CLEAR!)
    Speaker Type: Horn
    Unit Power Source: 4 x AA Batteries (not included)
    Remote Power Source: 9v (not included)
    Media Format: SD Card (MP3 & WAV formats)
    Add Additional Calls: Yes up to 200
    External Speaker Jack
    Auxiliary Jack
    Warranty 1 Year Limited Factory