Petzl Tikka 300

Color: Green
Sale price€35.00


The Petzl Tikka head torch is easy to use and has exceptional endurance. The torch can provide both red and white light. Red light is perfect for maintaining your night vision and - even more importantly - many animals do not notice red light. Perfect for multiple applications: use your torch in and around the house, or for outdoor activities like camping. There is a glow-in-the-dark reflector around the LED so the head torch is easy to find in the dark. Because it lights up in the dark, you can always see the Tikka

Dimensions & weight

Height 5.3 cm

Length 7 cm

Weight 82 g

Width 4 cm

Material plastic
Features & functions

Works on 3x AAA alkaline batteries

AAA lithium, AAA NiMH

Wide beam

Light colour

red, white

Light source


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