RTM Baltic Bouyancy Vest

Size: Small / 40-60kg
Sale price€60.00


The RTM Baltic vest is an indented vest, optimal for canoeing or kayaking.
The adjustment is made with 3 adjustable straps with buckles.
It is designed with polyethylene foam, 420 denier nylon fabric. The seams are braided and this vest has two reinforcements on the shoulders.

• ISO 12402-5 standard
• Polyethylene foam
• Side pocket in 420 denier nylon fabric
• Side and shoulder
tightening straps 

• Abdominal drawstring

XS (35N): 30/40 kg
S (40N): 40/60 kg
M / L (50N): 60/80 kg
XL / XXL (50N): +80 kg


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