Vango Double Flocked Airbed



Type: Camp

  • Vango Double Flocked Airbed

    From sleep-overs at home to camping out in the elements, the soft flocked surface of a Vango Airbed will always provide a welcome and comfortable place to rest at the end of the day. And you won’t need to wait long to stretch out, as this airbed comes equipped with an inflate/deflate valve which allows the bed to be unpacked and inflated quickly. Not only this but the double width allows you to either comfortably cuddle up to a loved one or sprawl out luxuriously on your own.

    Flocked surface - For comfort

    Coil beam construction - Good support and strong

    Free-flowing valve - Rapid inflation and deflation

    Repair patches included - For use in emergencies

    Maximum loading weight: 250kg/39st 5lbs

    Inflation time 3 minute